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How To Invest In Patent Holding Companies. Dec. 18, 2012 2:52 PM ET these aforementioned patent holding companies seek to collect either licensing fees or damages from companies that either a

Conglomerates and Diversified Holding Companies: Mid-Cap Stocks Graham Holdings Company (GHC) (Education (Kaplan); broadcasting and media assets; marketing and advertising businesses) Icahn Enterprises L.P. (Automotive, energy, food packaging, gaming, home fashion, investment, metals, railcar, After all, Big Blue has been awarded the most patents for 25 consecutive years. But you would be wrong. The No. 1 firm is Samsung. So says the journal IAM, based on intelectual property data and information compiled by ktMINE. “Korean company Samsung sits at the top of the tree, This Company Holds the Most Blockchain Patents Hint: Despite what you might think, it's not a technology company. only included patents and applications that were made public, which often Many of the most interesting IP-rich businesses, from an investor perspective, are publicly traded, thinly capitalized companies with experienced management. The best have a realistic view of their IP assets, usually patents, and the timing and cost of their disputes and value of potential licenses.

The highest value was in India: 5065 companies and the lowest value was in shares of other listed companies, such as holding companies and investment 

23 May 2017 publicly traded patent licensing companies such as Marathon Patent in the process redefine themselves as diversified holding companies. 26 Apr 2017 shift from being a patent pure play to become a diversified holding company. This will involve a restructuring under which WiLAN's publicly traded company Because the environment for patent licensing companies has  SaltX Technology is a publicly traded company that boasts a rich history and global Our team of leading thermochemical engineers have registered 40 patents  1 new patent. One patent filed nearly every day Johnson Controls International plc (“Johnson Controls”) and is now an independent, publicly traded company.

3 Jun 2015 For the last two years, Envision IP has published annual stock performance analysis of publicly traded patent holding companies (also known 

1 Jul 2019 Goldberg Segalla Welcomes Seasoned Patent Partner Jason S. mining, and diligence for Am Law 50 firms and publicly traded companies. from a small technology/licensing business to a diverse holding company with 

Patent owners split the licensing revenue with Acacia. Acacia says its licensees include Sony, Exxon, Microsoft, and other huge companies. Columbia Business School professor Raymond Fishman recently profiled Acacia in a story called "The Troll Toll, " contending it and companies like it stifle innovation.

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26 Sep 2018 Patent holding companies, IT consulting services providers, retailers, and stocks in publicly-traded companies that hold blockchain patents.

28 May 2010 most litigious, patent-holding companies—Erich Spangenberg and Paul Ryan, the CEO of Acacia Research Corp., the largest publicly traded  If the patent firm is a member of a commonly owned group of firms, such as being owned by a publicly listed holding company, the group member firms must also  For example, a company with per cent of the value of publicly traded companies, one hundreds of patents could be wasting thousands of dollars would expect the   The highest value was in India: 5065 companies and the lowest value was in shares of other listed companies, such as holding companies and investment 

25 Jun 2018 The big recent news was the acquisition by publicly traded NPE large telcom companies, as reflected by the 300-plus patent filings by the Big  Prior, Mr. Klein was a member of the Managing Board of the holding company He is co-inventor of several patent applications in this area and has been the